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How To Maintain The Portable Air-Conditioner?

Almost every home and business premises are equipped with various types of air conditioners. Besides the increased usage of the air conditioner, most places do not maintain their air conditioning system. Which results in low performance of the air conditioner and more energy consumption.

if you want your air conditioner to work smoothly and consumes less energy.  Then you should maintain your portable air conditioner and take good care of it, it’ll work properly and consume less energy. Maintaining your air conditioner works and impact its longevity. Thus, maintain your air conditioner and improve its overall efficiency.

How To Maintain The Portable Air-Conditioner?

How To Maintain The Portable Air-Conditioner?

Here are some great and effective ideas for air conditioner maintenance to achieve good results.

If you follow these simple steps, your portable air conditioner would work at its best. So, make sure that you’re following these methods for the good of your air conditioner and become a smart air conditioner user.

Place your conditioner in a right place.

Always pay attention to the position of your air conditioner as it’s an important factor for your air conditioner maintenance. Placing your portable air conditioner at a correct place is a necessary thing if you place it in a dirt or dusty room, the air conditioner components would be clogged.  This results in an electrical and mechanical fault, which can be a very unpleasant experience. Though this can be fixed by a professional air conditioner repair, it would be great if you avoid placing your portable air conditioner in dusty place.

Also, ensure you have installed a drain tube in the air conditioner.

Professional Air Conditioner Repair

Professional Air Conditioner Repair

Make sure the power supply is adequate.

Connect your air conditioner with a power supply of 120V AC, so that each component has enough energy to function smoothly. If the power supply is low, there’s a risk of a short circuit. Thus it’s advised to install a voltage corrector in case there’s a voltage problem in your area.

Clean your filters thoroughly.

Filter cleaning is an easy task, it can be performed by anyone. Read the instructions manual, which you got from your air conditioner, follow the instruction which tells you about cleaning the filters. You should clean the filters every month to keep the functioning of your air conditioner up to the mark.

Clean your filters

Clean your filters

Make sure that exhaust hose is kept straight.

When you place the exhaust hose straight, it’ll prevent moisture from collecting inside the hose. Try to keep your portable air conditioner in a cool and dry place, moisture can harm the air conditioner. Also, keep the air conditioner clean, don’t let dust and debris sit on the AC.

Call professional for help

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