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Air Conditioning Melbourne

Air Conditioning Repair Service Melbourne. Call @ 1300 932 251 to get same day air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance services.

Air Conditioning Repair Service Professionals

Air conditioning, undoubtedly, is a pre-requirement in Melbourne.Thus, timely installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning unit in Melbourne are the need of the hour. Proper maintenance and repair of air-conditioning units ensure that they function properly and enjoy a good longevity.

Air Conditioning Repair Service Melbourne

Air Conditioning Repair Service Melbourne


Thumbs Up Plumbing is a leading air conditioning repair service company in Melbourne. We house skilled electricians and plumbers who take care of all repairing and installing needs of air conditioning system.

Why is Regular Air Conditioning Repair Service a Must?

  • Refrigerant must be checked by professionals and if it’s undercharged it may lead to more consumption of energy thus leading to increased electricity bills. Regular maintenance ensures proper functioning of the air conditioning unit.
  • Further, avoid greater problems and heavy expenses by employing regular air conditioning repair service.
  • Keep the air conditioning unit in good working condition through regular maintenance and repair.
  • Certain parts of the cooling unit require frequent checks like oil and lubrication levels and refueling of the same.
  • Moreover, the filter and various other parts may collect dirt, dust,and grime. Regular maintenance takes care of all these aspects.
  • Air conditioning cooling system repair service also assures to make the indoor air clean, fresh and odorless.
  • Cleansing of evaporator, condenser, and blower are necessary to maintain low electrical costs.

Air Conditioning Repair Service in Melbourne

Thumbs Up Plumbing provides Air Conditioning Repair Service Melbourne to both residential and commercial spaces. Our skilled electriciansare expert in installation, maintenance, and repair services. Good maintenance work can improve performance manifold and increase thelongevity of the air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning Repair Service Melbourne

Air Conditioning Repair Service Melbourne

As the machine gets older, it starts consuming more energyand increases the electricity bills. Instead of investing in a new air conditioning unit which can be expensive, it’s more practical to go for air conditioning repair service in Melbourne. The cooling unit will perform and look brand new just with a regular maintenance program. It not only saves money but is also much more hassle-free. A total check of the full unit ensure evaporator coil check, fan motor lubrication, manifold pressure, monitor expansion, start and run delays, fan limit switch, inspecting of valves, monitoring refrigerant levels, adjusting bypass dampers and so on.

Our Air Conditioning Repair Service Melbourne

In Melbourne, it is a relief to feel the comfortable breeze of an air conditioner. However, any sudden break down can be a matter of concern and extreme hassle.

Air Conditioning Repair Service Melbourne

Air Conditioning Repair Service Melbourne

Our services are most dependable and reliable which include installation, maintenance, and repair of all kinds of air conditioning units. We service all brands and models of air conditioning units. We have spare parts ready with us always so that we can provide services anytime and in a very less time.

Same Day Air Conditioning Repair Services

At Thumbs Up Plumbing Services one of the most important priorities of doing the air conditioning repair work is that the work completed on time. With the help of our experienced and skilled technicians, we have developed a step by step guide, which directs the repairing work. This helps our technicians to do the job within time, we ensure the work completes on the same day so that our clients won’t have to face any difficulties. To book the service call on our numbers, and gives us a chance to serve you with our unique air conditioning repair services.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have an expert team who can guide the customers on selecting the right service for them.
  • Additionally, we have years of expertise and knowledge of the services we give therefore we have a huge number of satisfied and happy customers.
  • We give services at the best prices in thewhole of Melbourne.
  • Further, we house a very efficient team which knows how to handle any kind of problems related to air conditioning units.
  • Our customer relationships are a priority and we give value to the money you spend.
  • Readily available spare parts with us ensure that your maintenance work will be done in amost efficient way in minimum time.
  • Moreover, we provide specific services so that your specific needs regarding air conditioning system are met.
  • We provide servicing for all models and brands.
  • Our services are for all existing as well as new installations.

Best Air Conditioning Repair Service Melbourne

Thumbs Up Plumbing is equipped with the best professional team who can solve any problem related to air conditioning cooling units. We have a long chain of satisfied and happy customers confirming that we are the best air conditioning repair service in Melbourne. Get a quote from us and find out personally the wide range of services and prices we offer. We have an expert team who can give services in minimum time without hampering your daily lifestyle. We are the best at both commercial and residential installation, maintenance and repair work.

Location: Melbourne, VIC Australia

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